We offer premium grade triple ply walking deck that is moisture resistant, flippable and flexible

Why use Mobile Treadmill Repairs walking deck/board?
1. Moisture resistant
Unlike your original deck that is prone to moisture entering the fibers and causing the deck to break, our decks are sealed against moisture and therefore have double the life of your original dek.

2. Flippable
Your original deck has only one smooth side therefore the deck cannot be flipped when the smooth surface is worn. Decks should be flipped when your walking belt is worn as a worn walking belt will waer your walking deck. This feature doubles the decks life.

3. Flexible
Our decks are not made of cheap MDF/compressed chipboard as found on all treadmills. We use utilise premium grade flexible wood with sound structural integrity, which will out last my OEM deck.

Our decks are usually made for commercial clients and now we are offering them to demestic clients, enabling them to ggreatly prolog the longevity of their treadmill.

We Ship out treadmill decks Austrilia-wide anf offer a quick turn-around service.