Brisbane, the sun-soaked capital of Queensland, is celebrated for its lively urban culture and thriving artistic scene. It experiences an influx of tourists during the summer months, drawn to the city and its surrounding areas.

The climate in Brisbane is characterized by a humid subtropical pattern, featuring hot and rainy summers as well as relatively dry and warm winters. This humid climate prevails throughout the year, with only a few months offering more temperate conditions. From October to April, temperatures consistently exceed 26°C, and thunderstorms are frequent from November to March. These storms can sometimes escalate into severe weather events, marked by destructive hail, heavy rainfall, and fierce winds.

The scorching summer conditions in Brisbane, particularly on days exceeding 30°C, pose risks of heat exhaustion and dehydration for outdoor runners. Opting for a treadmill workout provides the convenience of exercising at any time, regardless of the weather. Given Brisbane's year-round high temperatures, a treadmill becomes an excellent choice for escaping the heat and ensuring a comfortable run.

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