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Kmart Treadmill Online

Buying a treadmill online can be confusing with so many to choose from
do you need a compact treadmill for home ? Foldable treadmill ? a treadmill on wheels ? Commercial Treadmill ? treadmill with automatic incline ?

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Kmart Treadmill Tips When Buying Online :

* Look at Belt Width
* Look at Motor Size
* Look at your height compared to treadmill Length
* Will you be running or walking ?
* Match the motor size with your weight and number of people using it
* Match the treadmill deck length with your height
* Do you need to fold the treadmill ?
* Does it need to be compact and on wheels ?
* Would you like a treadmill ipad holder ?
* do you need built in workout programs ?
* would you like a treadmill safety key ?
* what is the motor warranty ?
* is it in home service and warranty?
* are the spare parts easily available?
* is it free delivery ?

Consumer watchdog CHOICE has written a very good treadmill buying guide below

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