October 31, 2017 4 min read

The Key Points of a Strength Training Program

For a powerful upper body and jacked up arms, the pull up is the best way to go. Use a good form for as long as you can then rest and do more. Be patient. You might use up some time to get this exercise but the weight will be well worth it.

If you desire to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things that you need to do is to lift weights. Cardio and diet are just as important, but changing the way that your body looks is achieved by strength training. If you have no idea what strength training can do to your body, here is a quick run down to get you started in a strength training program:

  • Help increase your metabolism
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Increase your muscular resistance
  • Help you avoid injuries
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve your balance and coordination

Once you decide to start with strength training, you might find yourself at a loss on what you should do next, as well as the kind of exercises that you should do and how. Generally, your routine will largely be based on your fitness goals, the equipment that is available, and the time that you can spare for your workouts.

Strength Training Basics

If you intend to set up your own program, you need to have an idea of some basic strength training principles. It is these basics that will teach you to ensure that you using enough weight, the right sets and reps, and that you are always progressing with your workouts.

  • Overload. In order to build muscle, you have to use more resistance than your muscles are accustomed to. However, you need to lift weight that you can complete with the required number of reps. You should be able to finish the final rep with difficulty but still in good form.

  • Progression. You need to regularly increase your intensity in order to avoid plateaus. Do so by increasing your weight, changing your resistance type, changing your sets or reps, or changing your type of resistance. You should be able to make the transition in a week or month’s time.

  • Specificity. Train for your goal. So if you want to increase your strength, you need to come up with a program that is designed to do so. If losing weight is your main goal, you will have to use rep changes that will target different muscle fibers.

  • Rest and recovery. Your rest days are equally as important as your workout days. During your rest period, your muscles will gown and change. Make sure that you do not work out the same muscle groups 2 days in a row.

Strength Training Key Exercises

There are some movements in strength training that have become the cornerstones of a strength training program. Here are the most critical movements of this workout program.


This exercise is best in building a powerful posterior core: the spinal erectors, glutes and hamstrings. It will also increase your grip strength and strengthen your lats and frontal core. To execute, bring the weight as close to your midline as possible. If using a barbell, have the bar against your shins. Make sure that you keep your back flat while doing the exercises. Have a pro show you how to properly do this. Keep in mind that this exercise is possible because of the technique and not weight.


This is another great exercise for the glutes and hamstrings, although this exercise has more quadricep recruitment than the deadlift. With this exercise, you need a full and deep range of motion. If you are new to this, do a deep squat and hold yourself in the lower position of the squat. Keep your eyes slightly up or on the horizon with your chest out and your back flat or slightly arched. Hold this position as long as you can. Holding the position for 3 minutes is a good achievement.


This exercise provides a great frontal core workout, as opposed to what many people as think as a chest or arm exercise. If your back is arched while you are doing this exercise, your frontal core is weak. Engage your abs and keep your back as flat as you can while doing your reps. Once your back starts to arch, end the set ad reset.

The Row

When doing this exercise, imagine that you are reaching out for something in front of you and pulling towards your chest. The key to a good row is to keep your shoulders down. Once you pull the handles, your scapula will be fully retracted with a slight pause in its full contraction. Because this exercise works with muscles that you cannot see, try to focus your mind on the muscles of your mid back, particularly on the middle trapezius. When you pull the attachment, squeeze this muscle.

Pull Ups

For a powerful upper body and jacked up arms, the pull up is the best way to go. Use a good form for as long as you can then rest and do more. Be patient. You might use up some time to get this exercise but the weight will be well worth it. There are only a few women who are strong enough to pull themselves up and they have great arms and backs.

Strength Training Tips

Before setting up and getting started with your routine, keep these points to in mind to ensure that you get a safe and effective strength training workout.

  • Warm up. Do this before you start lifting weights. This will help get your muscles warm and prevent injury. You can do so with a light cardio or doing a light of your exercises before moving on to heavier weights.
  • Slowly lift and lower weights. Do not use momentum to lift your weights. If you need to swing just to get the weight up, then you are using too much weight.
  • Breathe. Do not hold your breath while lifting weights. Use your full range of motion throughout the movement.
  • Stand up straight. Keep close tabs on your posture and include your abs in all your movements to protect your spine and keep your balance.
Are you now ready to get started with a strength training program? Good luck!