Premium Ski Erg Cardio Machine

Back In Stock January 2021

Premium Ski Erg Cardio Machine

  • Want to experience the sport of Nordic skiing in the comfort of your home? Discover Ski Erg Cardio Machine, long recognized as one of the toughest workouts around.
  • Shows off as one of the most challenging strengths and endurance tests available in a fitness machine. Targeting the legs, arms, and core for a full-body workout adaptable to any athlete’s size and skill level.
  • The Ski Erg gives the athlete’s orientation vertical, simulating the movements of real cross-country skiing with both double-pole and classic alternating arm technique.

All-in-One Workout Machine

  • Ski Erg provides you an all-in-one solution with its mobile feature. An improved workout machine that can either be mounted on a wall or used with a floor stand.
  • When Wall mounted, it transforms into a compact option, while the floor stands, with its anti-skid deck and caster wheels.
  • Plus, it uses air resistance generated by the fanned flywheel, adjustable on how much air enters the flywheel housing on each pull.
  • Ski Erg is adaptable to the skill sets and preferences of any skier or strength athlete, regardless of size or experience.

Precision-Engineered Skiing Machine

  • Ski Erg is an ideal workout with its advanced monitor that provides immediate, accurate performance data.
  • It promises precision engineering and dependable durability. This model includes high-strength, lightweight drive cords for a smooth response, along with new ergonomic, strapless handles for a secure, moisture-resistant grip suited to any hand size.

State-of-the-Art Performance Monitor

  • In contrast to other cross-country training devices, Ski Erg Cardio Machine has a PM5 Performance Monitor that proves to be authentic with its reliable and excellent results.
  • PM5 Performance Monitor turns and tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and watts.


  • Product Name: Ski Erg
  • Machine Size: 1300×600×2140mm
  • Packing Size: 1300×610×550mm
  • Package: Plywood Box
  • Adjustment : 10 Level
  • NW/GW: 38KG/45KG

Recommended For

  • Whether you’re an elite cross-country skier looking to improve your poling power, a weekend enthusiast wanting to get into shape for the ski season, or just someone looking for a great workout-- Ski Erg is your perfect workout equipment!
  • In contrast to conventional cardio machines, the Ski Erg is versatile and adaptable, a popular tool not only for professional skiers and other athletes.
  • Ski Erg is also an ideal machine for recovering athletes from injuries or in an adaptive strength training program. Because the Ski Erg can still be used effectively while sitting in a chair.